Thursday, January 11, 2018

Apps that Pay you to Refer - Generate Passive Income

So, December 17th, I was introduced to DOSH.  DOSH wasn't something foreign to me as I opened an Upromise account in 2005.  Upromise gave me cash back for shopping online, buying flights and filling my car up with gas. DO$H requires one to register with the account, add a debit or credit card (sorry no prepaid cards) and that's it, $5 appears in your account.  Until January 21st, they are offering $15 for every person you refer that signs up and links their card.  They get $5 as well and the $15 referral fee!

Then came Ebates , I heard about Ebates years before I actually started to use their account and I earn money back when I book flights and shop online.

And now there is Mobile Buckz.  Sign up and receive $25! Refer friends and receive $10.  All that is required for this is a PayPal account!

2018 is the year of free, easy, passive income.  Earn money to eat, sleep, shop and travel!  This is pretty sweet, click above to sign up with any of these apps and share with your friends.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Social Media Marketers Wanted - Cash Making Opportunity

Social Media Marketers - Cash Making Opportunity

I am usually a skeptic, however, I have quite a few friends on FaceBook and one of them is a go-getter, hustler, money making type of woman.  So she posted a new opportunity that one can do from home and it's simply a referral marketing opportunity.

Have you ever heard of Ebates? Ebates gives you $25 when your friend signs up and shops, your friend gets $10.  And then came DO$H, DO$H is giving you $5 after you sign up and link one of your cards, it can even be a prepaid card if you're a skeptic, they are also giving you $15 for every person you refer that signs up and registers a card! Sweet, this incentive is only good until December 31st then it goes down to $5.

Talk about some easy money to do what? Shop, eat, and travel like you always do however now you earn cash back and a referral bonus!

Click here to get started. Tis the season to shop, save and earn.  My bonuses from Sunday are starting to come in, my receipts are below:

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Monday, August 7, 2017

A Million Dollars Worth of Greatness for $9.99

Well, it's actually $20.17 however we were inspired by Jay Z's 4:44 album.

Its time to STOP watching from the sidelines and Manifest Your Dream Business.
This isn't something to enter into lightly after all it is BUSINESS.
However, if you have a passion that is your PURPOSE and it is time to


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Monday, July 31, 2017

You are the WEALTH you've been waiting for!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Win a Free Professional Written Resume - Manifest Your Dream Career

Watch this video and learn how you can enter to win a Free Professional Written Resume by the Career Strategist and other Manifest Your Dream products and services to take your career and life to the next level.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Girls Trip - Good for Mind, Body, and Soul

I had the honor of seeing this hilariously funny movie with of course, my girls.  Girls Trip was a great comedy power packed with non stop laughs.  Women of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds could relate to Sasha, Ryan, Lisa, and Dina.

This isn't a movie spoiler alert AT ALL.  All of the women traveled together to New Orleans for what? Well you'd have to see the movie to learn more about that.

What I loved was I went to see this movie with my girls and we are quite similar to the characters in Girl Trip.  In our group of 4 there's 1 married, 1 divorced and 2 single ladies.  This movie has us ready to hit up Essence Fest to create our own version of Girl Trip complete with a selfie stick to record our, well some of our adventures.

If you have a love for travel, like myself.  This year I've been to Aruba and Michigan, Georgia, Paris, Milan, Rome, and Malta are the remaining destinations for my vacation trek this year I have something for you.  A travel hack guide complete with information on how to travel 5 star on a 1 star budget.

This guide is being offered to you because it is 2017 for the low price of $2.17.  The money you save and cash you earn back by implementing some of the methods is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending upon how often you travel and to wear.  No, you don't have to become a travel agent to save money travel.

Travel is good for the mind, body and soul as it allows one to detach from their everyday world and explore all that a new city, state, country or island has to offer.


Jamesia Johnai is your Personal Empowerment Advocate.  She realizes, understands, and knows that in order for an individual to be EMPOWERED they must EMBRACE the REALITY of who they are.  Once an individual does so, they have the ability to change their lives, starting with their MINDSET.
As a Man THINKETH so is HE.
Jamesia Johnai is a Career & Education Strategist; Entrepreneur; Author, and Speaker.  She brings over 12 years of experience working in corporate and not-for-profit Human Resources departments.  She is an avid learner and relationship builder. 
Most importantly, Jamesia Johnai is PASSIONATE about seeing all those determined to succeed WIN!

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