Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - Peace in a Cup!

A hot cup of tea with mint and organic honey. Peace in a cup.  Peace of mind is vital to wellness.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mindset & Motivation - Fire and Desire

Desire is the beginning of all new Creation.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Financial Freedom Fridays - Economics is All That Matters

It seems in this world, money makes the world go round.  Money, Cash, Gold, Oil, things of value make the world go round.

The majority of solutions to societal problems like poverty, crime, poor health, lack of health care can be solved guessed it MONEY.

So why is it on a grand scale children are not taught about money in their homes or schools? We will take a guess and say since most adults don't have a handle on their own finances, it would be impossible for them to teach their children.

Nevertheless, last Saturday, my son asked could he purchase food at the bowling alley.  I asked him how much money he had, he told me $5, I said sure you can purchase something but you must save $1, he became upset.  I then told him, always PAY HIMSELF FIRST, save to invest.  I then asked him what was something he wanted that he could save for? (I read in a book its a great way to encourage savings amongst children if they're given a goal).  He reluctantly agreed while handing me $1.  He then went to make his purchase.

He returned with his items and handed me the change to be saved!  I was excited.  The next day we went to visit our cousins.  The younger children all went to the store.  My son arrived back with his chips and change, he once again gave me his change and instructed me to add it to his savings fund.  I was more excited than before as he did it on his own.

Now, I'm going to look into ways for him to invest and learn about making his money grow.  There are stock market simulators out there we will take advantage.

If you have children or influence over children are you encouraging them to save and teaching them principles/tools that will allow them to be Financially Free & Economically Empowered??????

by Jamesia J. Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Epiphany Essentials Management Inc. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - The Dangers of HFCS

The other day while grocery shopping I decided to buy a lemon pepper marinade.  I found the desired product in the aisle, turned the marinade over to read the ingredients and the 4 dreaded words 'High Fructose Corn Syrup' were staring me in the face.  I often wonder why use high fructose corn syrup? Why not just put sugar in the mix.  Why use a sweetner at all.  I decided to simply squeeze fresh lemon juice on the salmon I was preparing for dinner.  How many actually read labels, are label conscious, and aware of the the DANGERS OF HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP?

Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mindset & Motivation Monday's - What State is Your Mental Health In?

There are many people who listen to motivational speeches, attend church, are around friends and others who are positive, happy, and bringing good energy, yet, when those people leave and even while in the midst of, they are unhappy, sad, depressed, confused, hurt, simply feeling a negative emotion.  We ask what state is your mental health in?

Mental illness is truly a disease, however, disease is simply dis-ease in the body, mind, soul. How are you the MAJORITY of the time? Are you generally a "happy" person?

"We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be—which takes care of everything. Even if you don't have reason to be happy—make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you're going to be happy one way or another—no matter what. "No matter what, I'm going to be happy! If I have to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to never pick up a newspaper again, I'm going to be happy. If I never have to see that person's face again, I'm going to be happy. If I have to see that person's face, I'm going to find something to see in that person's face that makes me happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy."

by Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.

Friday, September 18, 2015


Image result for saving and investing

Are you saving money? If so, how much are you saving? What do you do with your savings?  Why are you saving?

Savings - Every individual SHOULD have a savings Emergency Fund, this is for true emergencies - loss of job, unexpected medical bills etc.  This savings account should only be withdrawn from when there is a bona fide EMERGECNY.

Short Term Savings - you may have a goal for a vacation, graduation for yourself or a loved one, something happening in the near future you're saving up for.

Long Term Savings - you may have a goal to purchase a car cash, purchase a home, invest in a property or other investment vehicle, something happening 3 or more years from now you're saving up for.

Opportunity Savings - this is money being saved just in case the right investment opportunity arises, a new stock, bond, IPO, business etc.

While in theory saying DON'T touch your savings if its not an emergency or for its intended purpose is a great rule of thumb.  The truth is, things happen, money becomes low and instead of borrowing or charging it (creating more debt) many will tap into their savings.

A friend on social media suggested the 25/75 rule.  You can only spend 25% of your savings at a time.  If you have $1,000 saved, you shouldn't be spending more than or taking more than $250 from that account.  If you have $10,000 saved, you can use $2,500 (this should still be for an emergency!).

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mindset & Motivation Mondays - Big Picture

When people thought the world was flat, it wasn't that their thinking was distorted, (The data that they were collecting gave them that information.) it was that they were not broadsighted enough to step back far enough to see the big picture. And that's what we see with so many of you: You are so close to the reality that you are creating, that you sometimes can't see the bigger picture.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Super Soul Sunday - Always

Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you are wanting. It is never protecting you from something else.


 Jamesia Johnai Hawk

Personal Empowerment Advocate

CEO/President Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Financial Freedom Friday's - How Much Are You Spending?

Do you know how much you are spending? Do you have a budget/spending plan?  Have you added it all up yet?

After speaking with a good friend, she mentioned after being in her apartment 3 years she has paid to her landlord about $40,000.   That immediately gave me thoughts of my tax accountant who has been renting business space for over 10 years to the amoun tof $100K. 

Does everyone want to be an owner? No, however, for those that do the realization of the amount of money they've spent renting makes them wonder how much they could have invested in their own property.

Many people think about their cable bills, some are paying $100 to $200/month which is $1,200 to $2,400/year.  Is watching television that important? Are there ways to be able to watch programs and save money?

What is your bottom line? What are your financial goals? What is important to you? Does your current spending reflect your goals?

How Much Are You Spending? Do you know? Do you care??????

Be sure to like us at each day leading up to 2016 we will post a Wealth Moment with tips, principles and more to live a richer more abundant and prosperous life.

by Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate
CEO/President Epiphany Essentials Management Inc. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - Is Everyone On Drugs?

Driving into work yesterday, there was a guest doctor on the Steve Harvey Morning Show (SHMS).  The doctor said something that was quite shocking yet not surprising.  70% of Americans use prescription and/or over the counter medications. 70%!

That's a very large number.  Many people rush to the pharmacy or doctor for every sniffle, ache, or pain and there are alternative natural treatments that are a much better option.

Image result for foods that heal

The first "alternative" treatment or medicine is a proper well balanced diet!  This is Epiphany Essentials we couldn't resist.

A couple of issues many people have came up, indigestion and gas.  The guest doctor stated a good remedy for indigestion is ginger tea.  Ginger is a staple in my home, I use it in my tea daily because it has many benefits.  A great cure for gas? Fennel seeds.

I am biased when it comes to medication and I am anti medication outside of antibiotics and a few others that seem necessary.  Ironically, I was watching a commercial about constipation or bowel blockage due to Opiod medication.  So, of course there is a medication for the side effects one is experiencing from another medication.

That is one of the main reasons I am anti medication.  This medication helps with A yet causes B,C, and D.  Then I need medications for B, C, and D, that cause E,F,G, H, I, J, K, L, and M; and then you need medications for those however I believe you all get the drift.  So here is a chart for you to start off with of natural, raw foods that should be consumed regularly.

Image result for foods that heal

Image result for foods that heal

Image result for foods that heal

by Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.