Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - Is that Vegetable Nature or Man Made?

I'm sure most have heard the importance of eating carrots, how they are great for our eyes and we all need to eat our carrots.  Well, recently I was watching a video by Dr. Sebi on foods that we should and should not eat and he mentioned carrots on his DO NOT EAT LIST!

Then, I came across this...confirmation....

Friday, October 23, 2015

Financial Freedom Friday's - Wealth Wellness & Empowerment Conference

In this conference we provide valuable insider knowledge on money, finances and what it means to be wealthy. Too many people earn and spend money; yet they are financially illiterate. We start with the basics of money and finances and put participants on the right track towards financial literacy. The wealth formula you will learn to Master; Passive Income - Liabilities = Wealth (Positive Cash Flow). 

"Financial Literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement."  -Ron Lewis

Attendees will learn how to:
Increase wealth in 2016 with affirmations, education, and application 
*12 Steps to Financial Freedom
*Personal Financial Statement
*Financial Vision Board
*Determine Cash Flow
*52 week savings challenges (dollars or PENNIES)
*One-on-one follow-up consultations and personalized action plans for financial success

Do NOT delay RESERVE your seat TODAY! 2016 is closer than you think.  Start the year off right!

Complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will be served.

Where: Chicago, IL
Time: 11:00AM to 4:00PM
Speakers: We gather industry professionals and experts in Credit, Finance, Insurance, Budgets, Taxes, Real Estate, Stocks, Bunds, Mutual Funds, Investments, Business Funding & More all under one roof for the purpose of Empowering individuals to increase wealth and become knowledgeable about ALL THINGS MONEY!

Connect with us on FaceBook to receive up to date information on this exciting, life changing, mindset shifting event.

If you are interested in speakingsponsoring this event or being a vendor contact us today.

As a lead up to our 2015 Wealth Wellness & Empowerment Conference, we meditated for 21 Days, to  own your copy of the 21 Day Wealth Meditation  click here or the picture below.

Financial Freedom Friday's - I Want to be a Millionaire So Very Bad....

Join the ‪#‎BeWealthyChallenge‬ and join of community of like-minded individuals. We are looking to assist in the creation of 100 Millionaires by 2025.

Do you desire to be a millionaire?

Do you desire to retire wealthy?

Do you desire to never have to worry about bills and how they will be paid?

Do you desire to have a college fund for your children?

Do you desire to never worry about living check to check or check to Monday?

Do you desire to learn the wealth principles of the wealthy and to become one?

What if we told you there could be a millionaire living right next door to you? What if we told you what America sells as the millionaire/wealthy lifestyle is simply a lifestyle of consumerism, showing, keeping up with the Joneses yet they're all 'broke'?

What if we told you a millionaire could be created off a $12/hour pay rate?

We aren't only telling these things, we will show, provide concrete examples and assist you in creating the right financial plan to have the wealth you desire and to retire rich!

If you truly desire wealth, riches, and financial stability. If you are tired of making excuses. If you don't want to spend another year in the same financial position as you are right now. Take the first step, click the link and Join the #BeWealthyChallenge

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays -

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Wellness Wednesdays - Flu Season, Get Your Flu Shots!

Surely you didn't think we were telling you to go to the doctors office or a neighborhood clinic and receive a vaccination!  Health is wealth, natural, real food.  Food Matters!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mindset & Motivation Monday - Trust Your Journey

'Trust your life's journey, know that the universe is responding to your inner most desires, fears, needs etc.  Understand that you are creating your life with every thought, word, action, and deed.

If you don't have the life that you want check your thoughts.  Please understand it won't always be easy, everything won't be perfect, however all you experience and go through will work out for your good as long as you stay positive, focused, determined, and never give up.

Keep going UNTIL YOU WIN!' Jamesia Johnai, Personal Empowerment Advocate, Epiphany Essentials

Friday, October 16, 2015

FINANCIAL FREEDOM FRIDAY'S - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I want to be a millionaire so very bad.  Do people really want to be millionaires?  In thinking about the game, Monopoly, the song came from.  Let's think about this, what is the premise of the game?  How does one win the game Monopoly?  What must be accomplished to come out on top?

If you are a regular consumer and believe that the more trinkets and gadgets you have the better off you will be, you are not on the road to wealth...

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, if you are one paycheck away from poverty, you are not on the road to wealth...

If you believe that those with wealth and influence have all the latest and greatest gadgets, designer labels, expensive cars, and large houses and you too will be wealthy once you have those things as well, you are not on the road to wealth....

I think about the Sprint commercial stating one can upgrade their IPhone every year for life.  While listening to the commercial today when the terms and conditions were read, my son said 'he is reading really fast'.  I said yes, however they said really slowly IPhone every year for life, they made sure people heard that part.  Remember how you tell me to read the fine print? Make sure you read the terms and conditions, and more importantly understand them!

The other day my son and I were talking about the same commercial.  I asked him so, IPhone is basically letting people know they are going to release a new phone every year?  It made me think about one of the Billionaire football team owners who reportedly still had a flip phone in 2014.

Wealth looks different from non-wealth, and what many people believe is wealth IS NOT.

Our goal here at Epiphany Essentials is to create Financial Empowered Individuals. Financially Empowered Individuals are savers and investors before consumers; the embody wealth principles and teach them to their children; they know the value of things and realize having a big hat and no cattle is pointless; they'd rather stack their investment portfolio with assets than their closets, garages, and houses with liabilities; they are committed to living life on purpose and being able to survive without a paycheck if need be for years and years to come; they have residual and portfolio income which is far greater than their earned income. A financially empowered individual is truly WEALTHY!

If you are in the Chicago area join us Monday, January 2nd, 2016 for our annual conference. Even if you are not in Chicago, stay connected, take the 52 week challenge with us, commit to saving/investing more and consuming/spending less, win prizes and more.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Epiphany Essentials Management Inc.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - Mental Health - Depression

We are sharing this article from INC magazine.  Mental Health is a serious matter.  Many people suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Know the warning signs for yourself and others.

Wellness Wednesdays - Detox

Many speak of detoxing and sale items to help one detox like different teas and mixes.  We have no idea if those work however, we are for all natural foods that detox/cleanse the body and we wanted to share.

While you are doing the 30 day challenges or simply exercising for health which is wealth.  Here are some detox foods:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mindset & Motivation Mondays - Your Outer Reflects Your Inner

Take your Inner Being everywhere you go. If you take your Inner Being to the party, it's going to be a good party! If you take your Inner Being, the food that you eat will be received perfectly by the cells of your body. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be beneficial to everyone who hears them with their ears—or with their vibration. Don't go anywhere without your Inner Being. That's what "Allowing" is. Always having your Inner Being present. And then, anything else that happens is always orchestrated perfectly by Law of Attraction.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Financial Freedom Friday's - Flow

I've been struggling personally with some things in my romantic life as well as my financial life (so to speak).  The struggle in both areas has been in my mind.

I finished reading The Alchemist last night and woke up this morning to this lovely email and wanted to share.

"If you believe that you must work hard in order to deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you do work hard. Financial success, or any other kind of success, does not require hard work. It does require alignment of thought. You simply cannot offer negative thought about things that you desire and then make up for it with action or hard work. When you learn to direct your own thoughts, you will discover the true leverage of Energy alignment.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM FRIDAY'S - No IL budget could mean no financial aid

If the economy and US isn't turning into a true Haves vs. Have Nots.  IL has been in a budget crisis since the inception of our new Governor Rauner.  Considering he is new to his office we will assume he is trying to fix what is broken and not simply being a trouble maker.

Nevertheless, if IL doesn't finalize a budget by the end of the year, many students can say good-bye to their financial aid!

If you have children are you preparing for their financial future?

FINANCIAL FREEDOM FRIDAYS - Need Extra Money to Travel????

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wellness Wednesdays - CHALLENGE

I am scheduled for a winter vacation in Aruba, there are a few things I would like to tighten up. While I am my ideal size, I plan to tone to find my abs and some definition in my arms as well.  I realize that requires a total body work out, so.....I have found some challenges I plan to combine and incorporate into my work out regimen of yoga, ballet, and cardio!

Take the challenges with me.  Beach bodies are made all year round!

This challenge begins on Sunday, October 11th.  Take one of these challenges or find your own, you can choose to do one, some, or all of them its up to you.  I will be taking the move it, abs, squats and arms challenges.

Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Personal Empowerment Advocate
Chief Executive Officer/President
Epiphany Essentials Management Incorporated 

Thursday, October 1, 2015