Monday, May 6, 2013

Lil Wayne Dropped by Pepsi...

PepsiCo has decided to drop Lil Wayne from his endorsement deal due to a controversial lyric in the rap song, Karate Chop, "Pop a lot of pain pills Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till Yeah...."

Before I continue, I must say I do not agree with Lil Wayne referencing Emmit Till in this manner, I 100% disagree.  I also disagree with PepsiCo dropping Lil Wayne over the lyrics.

I disagree because I don't feel the sincerity in the decision, I don't see the true concern and care.  Whom is PepsiCo trying to appease?  Whom are the bowing down to the pressure of?  Its ok for Lil Wayne to talk about popping pain pills BUT stop the press he referenced Emmit Till. Lil Wayne has a song Novacane where he raps about cocaine, his love for it, how he misses it and will do it again.  Lil Wayne has been hospitalized for seizures due to drug complications.  None of that signal a red flag before or after giving him an endorsement deal.  I'm sorry, I'm just not convinced PepsiCo cares about the Emmit Till reference.  They are more concerned with their bottom line profits, as they should be, I guess!

How many people truly care or know about Emmit Till and what happened to him?  Yes he was brutally murdered unjustly in a time where if a black man so much as looked at a white woman he could be lynched.  

What about the children who are popping pills, addicted to drugs, loving guns, and violence because of Lil Wayne's lyrics.  We are quick to uphold the legacy and memory of the dead, I believe it is time to focus on the living.

It is acceptable for the majority of the current rap culture to rap about degrading women, raping women, popping pills, getting drunk, high off illegal drugs, and abusing pain medicine....when they do these things they receive endorsements.

Where is the accountability on the part of the artist, the record label, DJs, radio stations and the Federal Communications Commission? 

This in and of itself as I type about it is a catch 22.  As artist are known for pushing the envelope and sparking change/revolution.  We also have freedom of speech here in the United States, so I'm not supporting censorship.  What I am a proponent for is accountability.  

Someone listened to and approved the song Karate Chop, it was released and was played on the airwaves, it was a top 40 song.  So, with all issues everything needs to be addressed at the root.  Even if the artist writes and records the lyrics must the record label release it?

Namaste! Peace! Love! Joy! Abundance! Wealth! Propserity!