Friday, August 30, 2013


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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twerk, Miley, Miley, Twerk!

Miley Cyrus created quite a buzz with her performance at the Video Music Awards.

Admittedly at first I was absolutely appalled by her performance but then I watched Fashion Police VMA special show and my perspective changed. What one of the host pointed out was Miley's outfits was reminisce of the outfits worn by the women in Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' video. Immediately I had an aha moment, yes, it was except for the clear white plastic covering she was wearing the same outfit as the models in the video. So then I had to ask myself what was the big deal? Her bottom could have been a better fit and more flattering to her figure but other than that we've seen countless performers parade around in one piece leotards and other revealing outfits. 

So again, what's the big deal? Oh and to top it all off, a friend of mine saw a version of the 'Blurred Lines' video where the same women in the video are completely naked!!!!!! Considering Miley is young, wants to have fun and the outfit worn was during a performance eg a costume we shouldn't be too shocked or offended right? 

 Now as for her dance moves and obscene gestures during the performance, that's a different story but all in all why are we so upset about what Miley Cyrus was wearing? 

Things that make you go hmmm....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Kendrick Lamar is causing quite a buzz with his verse on Big Seans "Control".  So much buzz that he was the #1 person/thing searched on the Internet today.  Why all the buzz? Well Kendrick is from Cali yet he called himself the King of New York after respectfully paying homage to Jay Z and Nas.  Kendrick also called a few rappers out as well.  

I can say rap/hip-hop has been less about bahz and more about beats/hooks/catchy rhymes so Kendrick's verse is refreshing but is it worth all the hype????

You be the judge.....

I'm Too Old For This

This weekend I had the pleasure of supporting a friend in their new business endeavor as the manager of a black owned sports bar.  I chose to attend the festivities on opening night.  I put on a casual jumpsuit and some cute heels, yes I know its a sports bar was the Grand Opening none the less!

As I walked to the bar, there were a group of kids hanging outside, they commenting on how nice my friend and I looked, then a young lady asked for a hug.  I am ABSOLUTELY NOT the touchy feely type on top of the fact I didn't know her, I said NO!  Then a young gentleman asked as well, again um....NO! In my mind I was thinking, I'm too old for this!

So the young man proceeds to walk my friend and I to the club.  As we're walking he says, "you all aren't lit or high, how are you going to a party?" First of all I needed clarification of what lit meant, I'm too old for this!.  Then I immediately went into social worker/save a child/teen intervention mode.  The gentleman was 17.  My friend asked him was he old enough to get in the bar, he said NO but I can get in if I wanted to.

He then told us that his belt cost $600.  You are hanging outside on the street, walking on foot, wearing a $600 Gucci belt????? Sweetie, have you ever been to the Gucci store on Michigan Ave????? I'm going to go with NO but I could be completely wrong.  Nevertheless, I am too old for this as I would rather here about your bank account, investments, or how much money you have tucked away under your mattress!!!!!!

Now we enter the club/bar.  I ordered a Grey Goose and Cranberry.  The bartender proceeds to make Ciroc and cranberry.  When questioned she responds I gave you Ciroc because it's cheaper.  Again...I'm too old for this!!!! Sweetie, I ordered Grey Goose because I like Grey Goose, I'm not a Ciroc drinker, thank you for considering my pockets but I'm a grown woman, I would like Grey Goose and Cranberry, please and thank you!

After getting my proper beverage, I stood over to the side.  A gentleman has just left the dance floor, is all sweaty and walks up to my friend and proceeds to hug her and kiss her on the cheek, well attempt to.  She declines.  He then walks over to me and attempts to hug and kiss me.  Dude, please do not touch me, I don't like to be touched and I don't know you!!!!!  He asked my name, I gave him my fake one, Timika, he then tells me his and once again proceeds to try and hug me and kiss me on my cheek.  Dude, for the last time do not touch me, I don't know you!!!

Woosah.  He then has the audacity to speak to the people standing next to me and I believe he called me and my girl a B*tch, mentioning he was just trying to be friendly.

Nothing personal but, I don't like to be touched by people I know, I don't know you, you're sweaty and DUDE go that away.

Again, I am too old for this.  I then told my girl its time to take our talents to Rush Street or somewhere more appropriate with a grown and sexy style!