Saturday, December 24, 2011


Today is December 24th, for many it is Christmas Eve, for others, Kwanzaa is right around the corner and if I am not mistaken Hannakuh has already begun. This is also the very last week of 2011. In 7 days it will be New Year’s Eve and 2012 will begin.

Last year I refused to make any New Year’s Resolutions because most people don’t stick to their resolutions. How many of you decided to join a gym and lose weight? How many actually stuck to it? Did you write your resolutions down or did you just say them to yourself? It is very important to write things down, once written there is a better chance that you will meet what is written.

As for me, I set goals for 2011 did I meet every goal absolutely not, did I try absolutely. One of the goals I set was a deeper connection to the Most High, Yahweh, and I am thankful that I achieved that, not necessarily by attending church but by truly seeking Him, His Kingdom and His Righteouness. As 2011 closes it is my goal to never refer to Yahweh again as God as I realize it is a pagan word rooted in everything outside of what Yahweh is. Hey but that is just me.

So ok, in this last week of 2011 how can you position yourself to start 2012 full speed ahead? I hear a lot of people say I will start working out in January, why not start today? Do you know it only takes 7 days to start/create a new habit? If you start working out today, stretching today, reading more today, saving today etc., whatever it is you want to do in the new year, by the time the new year begins you will have a new habit!

I am excited to be embarking upon a new endeavor starting next week. Once all things are finalized I will definitely tweet about it and ask you all for your support/thoughts.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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