Thursday, September 5, 2013


Today is my nephews 18th birthday.  Since his birthday falls after September 1st he is currently a senior in high school.  He will be graduating with honors next June and attending either Duke University or the University of Chicago on full scholarship (positive thinking here) but how did he get to this point?

The bible says 'call those things that be not as though they were'.  The book 'The Secret' talks about the law of attraction and how our thoughts, beliefs, and words attract things into our lives.  We have the power and what we see in our lives is a direct reflection of our thoughts.  "We can have whatever it is we choose. No matter how big or small." Bob Doyle

Those things make me think about my nephew.  Ever since he was 5 years old he has said he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.  Often times, children say what they want to be but then they change their minds as they get older.  He has not once until this day of his life at 18 changed his mind on what he wanted to be.  So much so that his twitter handle already declares him as a doctor!

Unknowingly, as many of us do, my nephew has attracted this part of his destiny into his life through his words, beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  I want you to truly think about that as I delve further into this.

My nephew was born in the suburbs of Chicago, he lived in a good suburb, the high school he would have went to here would have been pretty good BUT something happened when he was in 7th grade.  His mother decided to move to Charlotte, NC.  Many people in the family were against it but she moved anyway.  

My nephew entered school and he felt like he was in a remedial class.  He commented how far behind the children seemed to be.  My nephew is an over achiever, he used to cry if he got a B, not because his parents were hard on him but because he has great expectations for himself.  The school told my sister that they had the ability to choose the high school my nephew attended.  Low and behold Charlotte has a high school specifically for children that want to be doctors or engineers.  The law of attraction is AMAZING!  The power of the spoken word is AMAZING! The notion that 'thoughts become things' is AMAZING!

So yes, my nephew for the past 3 years has attended a high school that let him further explore his declaration that he made 13 years ago of being a doctor.  Not only that his high school competes yearly in a competition with students across the nation interested in becoming doctors and my nephew is the leader of his group.  For the past 2 years his group has made it to the National competition and placed in the top 10.  

My nephew, is already a doctor, he is just waiting on the official title but it was done at 5 years old when he decreed it and never wavered from it.  

Now, from many occurrences that surrounded his life by way of his mother and father it may not have seemed or appeared that he was on his way to becoming a doctor BUT he was.  His life like most of ours wasn't always necessarily ideal, again by way of his parents and the things that life simply throws at adults BUT, that is the great thing about being a child, they don't experience the stress and worry that many of us adults have.  Children are free to just be and live.  Have you ever seen how well young children sleep at night?  As if they don't have a care in the world.  They don't, they already know their needs will be provided.  Their parents keep them clothed, well fed, etc.  Our creator will and can do the same for us.  We just have to wake up everyday knowing that our needs are met.

This is all to say, the law of attraction, the power of the spoken words, your positive thoughts work if you let them.  They work if you hold to what it is you believe in.  They work if your foundation is rooted properly and you believe that no matter what storm comes your way you are moving closer to your destiny and even if you feel you are taking a step back, every step is leading you to your final destination success, love, and abundance.

The law of attraction is so powerful that my nephews desire to be a doctor caused his entire family to move to the right city, for him to attend the right high school, for him to fulfill his dream of becoming the first doctor in our family!

That is 'The Secret' in action.  So whether we want things in our lives or not we have attracted them by our thoughts, beliefs, words, complaints, etc.  So if you don't want it in your life, don't feed it your energy, don't think it, don't speak it, don't complain about it.  Only focus on what it is you DO want for that is what you will attract.  So whatever you focus on, you shall attract more of.



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