Monday, July 20, 2015

Mindset & Motivation Mondays - The Enemy Within

Our environments help shape our mindsets.  When we are surrounded by motivated, encouraging individuals who are visionaries, dreamers, and doers; we will naturally either be inspired/compelled or dejected/rejected.

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Back in the office last Wednesday, speaking to a co-worker about women in the Department of Human Services Work First program that takes place at our organization.  Participants in the program receive cash assistance through welfare for themselves and their families.  Due to the receipt of the assistance they must participate in a work program with the goal of attaining a job.  The FT WorkFirst Coordinator took a 7 day plus vacation, the participants of the program decided they weren't going to attend in her absence.  Now their attendance is submitted to DHS, they aren't paid if they don't attend, and they are clearly as a collective alright with those circumstances.  In no way does this knock the program, as sometimes things happen and people need help.  

The issue is the MINDSET of those who don't want to help themselves.  All I contemplate constantly is, these people have children that they are raising.  Will their children grow up to be like them? Once these children grow up will society assume and think they should know or were raised better?

Part of their mindset is, 'I've connected with the coordinator and I only feel comfortable being around said coordinator'.  That's not realistic or real life.  In the "real world" one cannot decide not to show up for work because their boss is on vacation.  Too many of us place our fate, success, well being, and lives in the hands of those or something outside of ourselves. Its as if depending on self is simply too much for us to fathom.  Consequently, at the same time, those who struggle with taking full responsibility for self will also claim, scream, yell, and profess that they are INDEPENDENT!

It is impossible to burn both ends of the candle stick.  So while you may be reading this and thinking "I'm not on welfare", the question is, do you share the mentality or mindset of those mentioned above?  Are there things you refuse to do because you'd have to do it alone? You are unsure of the unknown? No one else around you is doing it therefore you won't either?

What is your mindset on? Are you using any excuse as to why you aren't successful, pursuing your dreams, achieving your goals, or simply progressing?

Half of the year is over, we are in the 3rd quarter make them count!!!!!!

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by Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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