Friday, June 24, 2016

Financial Freedom Fridays - Keep the Change!

If you saw a penny on the floor or ground what would you do? Do you pick it up or simply walk past it? After all, its just a penny right?  WRONG!

Pennies add up, change adds up, KEEP THE CHANGE and watch it grow.  If one saved 1 penny multiplied by the day of the year for example on day 365 one would save $3.65, on day 50, one would save $.50, the total turns out to about $668 saved by year's end.  Not bad is it!!!!!!

We've embarked on a quarter challenge, dime challenge, and loose change challenge.  We have a milk jug we are filling with quarters only,  a simply lemonade jug we are filling with dimes only, and other jugs we are filling with pennies and nickles.  This KEEP THE CHANGE program is in addition to our regular savings and as you can see below we are saving money simply shopping at Walmart and scanning our receipts letting Walmart find cheaper prices elsewhere and we get to .......... KEEP THE CHANGE!!!!!

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Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate



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