Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wellness Wednesdays - Who has time to eat? You!

Wellness Wednesdays - Avoid Skipping Meals 
by Nusrat Zeba

Too often, I hear many of my friends say they skip meals because they either don’t like eating or they just don’t have the time. If you are financially stable enough to put three meals down on your table a day, you should not be skipping meals!

It is very unhealthy to skip meals. You should NEVER skip any meals as skipping meals can lead to certain diseases and physical illnesses such as obesity and gastric pain (only a few out of many illnesses). How can you work if you’re not physically well? Also keep in mind that the effects of the illnesses take time to actually show up physically.

Here are a few ways to avoid skipping meals and still get your work done on time:

1.     Prepare your breakfast and other meals (if possible) the night before you go to work. Sure you’re tired once you get home but you need to keep yourself fed as well! Here’s an idea you can look into:
2.     Eating actually does not take a lot of time. So, it doesn’t hurt to fix your alarm ten to fifteen minutes earlier than you usually wake up. Your nutritious breakfast will give you the energy you need in order to get through the day. If you have even a few minutes of break to spare during your eight hour or even twelve hour shift, you should always remember to bring a box of food along with you so you could eat it during break. Always use your time wisely!
3.     Put any food in your stomach, even if you’re not hungry. You’re in a rush? No problem! Quickly grab a granola bar, a glass of cocnut milk, or even a fruit. Any food you see on the table? Take that and take it to work! Not hungry? Drink water and if you are still hungry, You should still eat.

Enjoy all your meals everyday!

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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