Friday, February 19, 2016

FINANCIAL FREEDOM FRIDAY - Easy, Low Monthly Payments, No Money Down

The words 'easy, low monthly payments, no money down......are known WEALTH BANDITS.....

If you have great credit and you take advantage of a 0 Money down, 0% interest for x amount of years and you are disciplined and actually pay off whatever it is, great!  However, the reality is most people aren't disciplined and they don't pay off these bills and then they end up financing furniture or other items, paying huge interest fees and finding themselves deeper in debt.

Some don't realize that places like Rent-A-Center and the likes are Wealth Bandits.  Why spend double/triple on an item making weekly/monthly payments when one could simply save the money and purchase the item out right? We know, we know, because you want it now and the payments are so low, why not?  There are many reasons why not, some believe this is the opposite of using a credit card and buying on credit.  It is, however, it isn't.  If one misses Rent-A-Center payments continuously they are coming to get the items financed. Then one has basically thrown money down the drain, renting a couch, TV etc.  Then once the item is paid for, more than likely one will want to trade it in for a newer model, creating a never ending cycle of easy, low monthly payments.

Buyer be ware, pay attention and look at the money holes that may be present in your finances.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate



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