Thursday, February 23, 2012


The death of Whitney Houston came as a shock. I was lying in bed taking a nap before going to a birthday party and received a text from my mother that Whitney Houston committed suicide. The text immediately woke me up, the nap was over. I watched a bit of CNN, checked Twitter and then began to get ready for my friend’s birthday party.

A few things bothered me. The first thing that bothered me were the jokes and rude comments on Twitter. Considering Whitney is now deceased I believe in respecting the dead PERIOD. While people were so focused on cracking jokes about her drug use, I felt they were insensitive to the fact that she left her daughter behind along with her mother and other people who loved her.

That also made me wonder what leads someone to decide that they want to take their own life. How low and lonely they must feel to just simply want out. There is the age old debate that if you take your own life you don’t go to heaven. However, I think about a verse in the bible can’t quote it directly but Yahweh simply states that He is and He can do whatever it is He chooses to do, He can have mercy on whom He chooses to have mercy on. So where Whitney is now is between her and her creator.

The second thing that bothered me was the treatment of Bobby Brown. It seemed within the Houston family he was public enemy #1, why? Whitney Houston was a grown woman when she met Bobby Brown she was actually 6 years older than him. Nevertheless the picture was painted that a bad boy turned a good girl bad. Well, I always thought that we have free will, freedom of choice, and are responsible and accountable for our decisions and the consequences that come along with them.

So to have malice, disdain or whatever it may be for Bobby Brown is the right of Cissy Houston and others in the family nevertheless it is not right. Bobby didn’t do or make Whitney do anything she didn’t want to do. Truth be told if they were doing drugs we don’t know who was leading the drug use to begin with.

However, in blaming Bobby or being angry at Bobby that takes away Whitney’s responsibility and we are all responsible for our own actions and should be treated as such. The moment we are treated as if we are not responsible and we answer with well so and so made me do it and had they not did this I would not have done that, we take away our power and become victims.

Whatever lead Whitney to give up on life and choose to take her own life we may never know. I pray she is resting in peace, I pray that her daughter find the strength to live a victorious, healthy, happy, prosperous, drug free life. I also pray that their family be strengthened during this time of loss instead of torn apart.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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