Friday, May 8, 2015


We own an investment property, well our corporation does.  In March of this year, our mortgage broker called with great news about refinancing the property for a lower interest rate .25% lower and a lower monthly payment.

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We sent in all the necessary documents and happened to ask will it matter IF our corporation and not us owns the property.  The answer was 'that shouldn't be a problem'. Well low and behold it was a problem.  Our loan service provider doesn't refinance with a corporation only to individuals.  So the mortgage broker stated we can do a quit claim deed on the property and all will be well.  We know from experience this process takes time.  We thought about it however, really didn't want to go through with changing the property over and then changing it back again and that cost $$$$.

However, we would be saving almost $150/month on our mortgage payment.  We talked it over with a respected friend and decided not to go through with it.  See the mortgage broker had finagled a way to have the paperwork drawn up without us actually having to transfer the deed or the title.  We decided against the underhanded practices and felt good about it.

Fast forward to May, we had a tenant express interest in our unit, a Section 8 tenant.  We passed our final inspection on Monday.  We utilized a leasing agent for the process and the leasing agent put a higher dollar amount on the paperwork than we would have.  That resulted in us getting exactly $150/month over what we would have asked for, for the unit!

The moral of this story is be money motivated not money led.  Money motivates us to make more money, money motivates us to be ethical and legal.  When led by money all one thinks about is money and how to get it by any means necessary.

Great things come to those who do things right and refuse to cut corners or compromise their integrity.


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by Jamesia Johnai Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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