Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Special Edition - Wellness Wednesday's - Poisoned Pits!

As a young child, I began getting "funky" or having an odor in my armpit area as early as age 5.  The natural solution because everyone else does it, wears it was for my parents to introduce me to deodorant.  Some from age 5 to 34, I was wearing deodorant.  Somewhere in my 20s I had to switch to an extra strength clinical grade deodorant for about $8/stick! 

However, on my quest for health and wellness, I realized that what I was putting in my body caused body odor and also that deodorant is toxic, full of chemicals and is not good for me or my child.  So I began researching how to make my own deodorant and I found a recipe that involved baking soda, coconut oil, arrow root powder, and other ingredients to help one have some sort of scent (essential oils, etc.) I used a scented all natural shea butter as well.  

Then, at 35 I began dating a gentleman that told me he used 1 ingredient on his armpits.  We all know that men are usually more smelly than women.  So if this ingredient worked well for this gentleman who does a lot of walking etc. Surely it should work for me as well, right?

One thing I noticed with my natural deodorant is that if I didn't always get the recipe right, I would chafe and peel under my arms after shaving.  So I decided to try the one ingredient the gentleman was using and it worked! 

That ingredient is a house hold staple for many!!!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar! YES!!!! Apple Cider Vinegar I soak a cotton ball with it and gently rubbed it on my pits.  I woke up and smelled myself, nothing.  I then worked out and worked up quite a sweat.  Before showering I smelled myself again, NOTHING!  I'm sold and hooked.  No more over the counter deodorant for me and no more making my own!

For all of you interested in switching from deodorant to something non toxic, read here how to detox your armpits.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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