Friday, April 29, 2016

Financial Freedom Friday's - Corporations and tax breaks, bah humbug!

The media generally shapes the opinions of the public, well at least here in America that seems to be the case.  If you speak with the average American they tell you about the latest 'news'.  We've come to learn the majority of "news" is nothing more than gossip.

However, now in America the next Presidential election is underway.  This is President Barack Obama's last term in office.  Some are sadden and some are overjoyed. To each their own.

A hot item one hears about often is Welfare Reform.  Many counter the welfare reform argument by bringing up 'corporate' welfare.  Corporate welfare is the tax breaks many corporations benefit from.  Some believe it's not fair and corporations aren't paying their fare share.

So we ask all, What's preventing you from starting a corporation???????

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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