Monday, April 25, 2016

Mindset & Motivation Monday's - Relationships Effect Our Success

This weekend, I was catching up on Mary Mary episodes.  One part of Mary, Erica Campbell, was out of town to perform at the Showtime At Apollo.  Nevertheless she called her husband to share her excitement she felt signing the infamous wall at the Apollo as a solo artist and her husband abruptly ended the phone call.  Erica felt like he was being weird as this wasn't the first time she'd been out of town and he seemed to act weird and abruptly end or not answer her phone call.

So while sitting waiting on her opportunity to perform, she stated she didn't feel the right energy, she didn't feel up to par going on stage as Erica Campbell when she wasn't feeling confident and secure as a wife!

Our relationships whether romantic or platonic have an effect on our success, performance, focus, and finances.  It is imperative that we understand and recognize our triggers and learn how to manage them.

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