Monday, April 11, 2016

Mindset & Motivation Monday's - Face Your Fears

Last week when speaking with an intern at my organization (she's in her 40s). We were talking to another intern who is 29, NO KIDS!!!! as she spoke on her fears of not moving forward in certain areas of her life.
Intern #1 40 plus shared her story - a single mom at 21, she moved out of her parents home at 23, she purchased her first home at 29. She recently bought her 1st investment property CASH. How? She saved and invested. While working when she heard news of layoffs, she tightened her budget to ensure she was saving/investing more planning for the future.
Any and everything is possible, ESPECIALLY for those who are CHILD free!!!!!
What does it take?

SUCCESS requires a COMMITTED individual willing to do the work it takes to succeed.  The one willing to hit brick wall after brick wall and keep on going.  The one who will fail over and over, make countless mistakes and NEVER GIVE UP!

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