Friday, May 6, 2016

Financial Freedom Friday's - Increase Mindset

I attended Les Brown's 'Get Motivated' conference last week.  One of the speakers mentioned 'Increase Mindset' and the many forms it can come in.  After the conference, I went to work on Thursday and realized my funds were low.  I was headed to Chipotle and asked my coworker if they would like anything back.  She expressed she did want something and then handed me a $20 bill and told me she was buying my lunch too!

The timing was divine.  I went to Dollar Tree and purchased about $22 worth of goods for Mother's Day gifts, swiped my debit card and their machine wasn't working.  I was able to use the $20 cash for the Dollar Tree purchase.  I then swiped my card at Chipotle however all was well and equal.

Fast forward to Monday, I drove for Uber, I took a gentleman to the airport.  He exited my vehicle grabbed his luggage, walked back to my car and handed me a tip, INCREASE MINDSET.  I'd actually declared before driving that I would be tipped regularly and often.  I've been driving for Uber since July 2015 and that was the 2nd time I was tipped.  I drove this Wednesday again, a woman's car had been towed, GPS didn't take us to the right location, I called myself to get directions.  When the lady exited the vehicle she handed me a tip!

Increase Mindset!!!!!!!!

I participate in Walmart Savings Catcher, on May 3rd I received my biggest savings yet on one receipt $4.01 cash back, INCREASE MINDSET!

What is your mindset on? Increase doesn't always mean additional income in the form of a direct payment, it could be a savings, getting more for less, a tip, etc.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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