Thursday, May 26, 2016

Financial Freedom Friday's - An Increase Mindset

We neglected to truly dig deep into what an Increase Mindset is and how to recognize Increase in your life.  Increase isn't always about receiving a raise, receiving more money, or winning the lottery, although it could be.  Increase Mindset focuses on getting the best value for your dollar.  Increase Mindset focuses on when you are experiencing and Increase in your life.

The example used at the 'Get Motivated' conference in April.  The gentleman, fairly well-off was flying an airline he doesn't usually frequent.  While checking his bags in, the agent informed him he'd have to pay $50 to check his bag.  Not ever having to pay for baggage, the gentleman was a bit taken aback and reluctant to pay for the bag.  Nevertheless, he reached in his pocket to obtain is credit card for payment and everything seemed to move in slow motion.  As he was motioning to hand the agent his card to make the payment, right before he handed his card over, he had an INCREASE MINDSET thought.

The gentleman expressed to the agent, on the airline he frequents, they allow for upgrades to first class for little or nothing, he then asked did this airline have a similar offer.  The agent expressed that he could upgrade to First Class for $50 and that included checking bags at no cost.

So the gentleman still spent the $50, however, he spent $50 to fly first class as opposed to for a checked bag.  That's INCREASE MINDSET!  Everyone else on the plane had the same opportunity as did he, however, they weren't focused on an INCREASE MINDSET!

Ever since I've started focusing on Increase Mindset, I see it manifesting in my life in many ways.

A few examples in short:

  • Learned I owed the City $400+ for 2 red light violations and I owe the toll road $300+ on a Sunday
  • Very next day, Monday, found an envelope lodged between my door and car seat, I had an unexpected check for over payment of home owner's insurance and the amount of the check covered the 2 unexpected bills

  • Started driving Uber in July 2014.  Received 1 tip up until the Get Motivated Conference.
  • Since the conference I've received 3 tips!!!!!
  • Received lunch free at work 2x since the conference

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Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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