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Special Edition Spotlight - Unleashing Your Inner Superwoman

Is it really possible?  Can a woman have it all?  Be it all?  Do it all? All, while remaining sane, happy, healthy, successful and productive?  What is all you ask, all is specific to each individual woman.  Whatever the "ALL" is for you, yes you can have it, says C. Lynn Williams.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Author, Coach, and Parenting Guru C. Lynn Williams and she believes yes women can achieve the  "ALL" by  UNLEASHING THEIR INNER SUPERWOMAN!  How do women achieve this "ALL", it requires, among other things, one important ingredient......................................................


Aah, balance as a woman, mother, girlfriend, employee, entrepreneur and blogger, I personally understand the struggle to find balance as well as its necessity.  Many of us are either the woman on the top that looks stressed juggling multiple responsibilities or the woman on the bottom that does it with ease.  One woman is not better than the other in any way, there is another key factor that separates the two women pictured above.


"Your attitude determines your altitude."

Let us take you inside our interview with the Superwoman herself C. Lynn Williams:

Why did you start your business?  I am a serial entrepreneur.  I've been in and out of corporate, I entered corporate America after graduate school.  I've ventured into a number of businesses, I've owned and operated 
  • Computer Software Training Company
  • Hair Salon
  • Taught on the High School and Collegiate Level
  • Author
  • Coach

Did we mention that C. Lynn Williams was also a wife, now a divorcee and did all of this while raising 2 children?  Some of her inspiration for writing came from her childhood experiences as well as her experiences going through divorce and the effects it had on her family dynamic, most importantly her children.

What inspired you to go into business?  My divorce happened when my daughter started high school. My children were upset about our family "breaking".  So I began writing. I also wrote because I watched other people and how they raised their children.  I wanted to know where my children were and what they were doing at all times.  I believe in holding children accountable, especially sons, giving them responsibility to assist them in growing into manhood.  I wrote my teen book while raising teenagers and trying to stay sane. Learning how to reign myself in, in an effort to communicate better with my children without yelling all the time.

"I'm educating one family at a time."

What service(s) does your business provide?  I went from writing to telling people how to which turned into workshops, talks, and coaching.  While teaching in college, I realized young girls need help, on how they deal with each other and talk to each other. I'm educating one family at a time.  I teach the importance of talking to your children, picking a specific time and day (to make that conversation happen).  

Although C. Lynn's children are adults now, she speaks with her daughter practically daily and her son often as well.  C. Lynn has also experienced dealing with aging parents and the loss of her father.  Through this experience, she is expanding her service to meet the needs of those with aging parents.

What have been some of your challenges as a small business owner? Initially, the biggest challenge was that I’m really private, I grew up in a “things that happen in the family stay in the family.” So when I first started writing and talking, matter of fact when I wrote my mother/daughter book, my aunt called my sister and asked if she was OK with what I wrote.  Initially I had to deal with peeling the onion back for myself.  I found the more I shared the more my audience was captured.  Trying to keep my personal experiences private, my audience didn't know that I could relate to their experiences. 

My other challenge was really getting people to open up and just talk.  I’m a coach and private person by nature.  I had to earn it, and not just go into people and make them open up, however encouraging them to do so for their own good, “when you open up the sores can heal!”.  If  you’re raising children and working, in a relationship, running a business…sometimes you’re dropping stuff because you can’t BALANCE and SLOW DOWN. This is a ministry I couldn’t walk away from.  Don’t be afraid to share.  My special focus is women and girls.  “Women are the muscle of the world.” 

With all this said, C. Lynn made it clear there are still things very private she wouldn't or doesn't disclose and that is definitely understandable.

What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far being in business for yourself?  The biggest lesson I’ve learned, the things I’m addressing are universal challenges.  For example pampered princes exist whether you are black, white, or brown.  It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, boys are revered and women don’t want you to say anything about it (how they raise their boys).

What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?  Look into the industry for who your competitors are and what do you have to offer that’s different.  Do what you are really good at doing.  If you have 100 competitors, doing what you love may not make you any money.  

What advice would you give someone looking to go into your industry?  Mindset, establish boundaries.  My mission is (to help mothers have) great relationships with their children.  If you’re out of balance/depressed, you are going to damage your relationship with your kids, you want to give them the best and be on point yourself.

What inspires and motivates you? I'm deeply spiritual, I believe we all have a purpose.  Part of my inspiration is God and of course my children. 

What is one quote, motto, or scripture that you refer to often?  “Your attitude determines your altitude.”  If you have a stank attitude, you can be really beautiful, really smart and you don’t have the attitude to support it (your growth, advancement, etc.). Someone else can be very nice, people oriented and they will go a lot further because their attitude is great.


Final Comments? I care about people and what they are going through.  I’m big on training and sharpening your saw to be the best I (you) can offer.  I have my own coach as well.  

The most successful coaches have coaches! There are far too many women attempting to be superwoman by doing it all themselves.  This in and of itself can be a recipe for disaster.  As C. Lynn and I were speaking she said 'why clean your house if you don't have to?'.  I couldn't agree more, as a property owner that lives inside my property, I could clean my hallway, however, why not delegate that responsibility? That's one less thing on my plate that I have to do, all I have to do is pay for it.  That is less stress and more time for me.  C. Lynn helps the entrepreneur woman that feels the need to do it all at home and in their business as well.  It's alright and necessary to delegate certain tasks and allow another trained professional to handle it.  That's a great way to achieve the balance seen below...

Interested in meeting C. Lynn in person? Attend Unleashing Your Inner Superwoman workshop taking place this Sunday, at the Hyatt in Hyde Park, you can purchase tickets here.  There is a 2-for-1 special ticket offer if purchased by Thursday, May 19th.

Want to stay connected to C. Lynn Williams, learn more about her, attend a workshop or purchase her books, visit http://clynnwilliams.com/.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate


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