Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wellness Wednesdays - Managing Depression

by Nusrat Zeba

Many of us find it hard to be motivated at all when our lives are deteriorating every which way. Our family lives aren't so well. Our relationships are a mess. We're financially unstable. As a result, we feel that bad luck is bound for us for the rest of our lives. Many of us end up becoming highly depressed. It's okay to feel that way for now but don't let your negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts consume you!

As difficult as your life may be right now, life will get much better.

There are ways to reduce these negative emotions:

1) Many of us live busy lives and feel that we absolutely have no time to do this but chances are, you probably do have time (even if it's a little bit of time). Try to spend some time walking around the park. If you're really anxious about walking alone, try taking a very trusted friend and let it all out.

2) Listen to positive, uplifting music in your spare time or when you take a break from work.

3) Meditate! Find a quiet place to meditate (it can even be your office if you're alone and on break!). There are various apps you can download through your phone that can even assist you in the process.

4) Keep a diary or journal. Set aside ten minutes a day to write your emotions and what you are looking forward to.  If you're suffering from depression immensely, it helps to set one section aside to write down all the little and big things in your life that you love. Always look back on that section.

5) Get therapy if none of the above helps you. Therapy is known to save many lives, including the one man who survived the Yarnell Hill Fire.

Always remember, life will get better!  


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