Friday, October 7, 2016

Financial Freedom Friday's - $1MM Wasn't Enough

Solange recently released a new album 'A Seat at The Table' and to sit at this table, you definitely need to burn some incense and sip some tea.  She has an interesting guest on some of her interludes, Master P.  Master P said something extremely profound about his initial dealings with a major record label.

Master P's  No Limit Records came on the major scene or made it's way to the Midwest in the 90's.  I remember learning that, Master P, didn't sign with a major record because he knew he had the ability to sell records without a label as he'd been doing so prior to them offering him a deal.  The label offered him $1MM, that's a LOT of money for someone from Louisiana whom grew up poor, however, again Master P had a WEALTH MINDSET and a BUSINESS MIND, he knew....

"And they offered me a million dollar deal, and had the check ready.  Said I wouldn't be able to USE MY NAME!  I was fighting my brother, because 'Man, you shoulda took the million dollars!'  I said 'No, what you think I'm WORTH? If this white man offer me a million dollars I gotta be worth forty, or fifty...or ten or something."  To being able to make "Forbes" and come from the Projects.  You know, "Top 40 under 40."  Which they said couldn't be done.  Had 20 records on the top Billiord at one time.  For an independent company.  Black owned company.  You know, going to the white lady's house where my grandmother worked at, and say 'Look you don't have to work here no more Big Mama! We got more money than the people on St. Charles Street.'

That gives us Ice Cube vibes and how he separated from NWA because he refused to sign a bad record deal.  Recently watching Unsung and so many artists like Billy Preston whom were focused on musicianship and not the business aspect of the Music BUSINESS!!!!!

Do you know your worth? Got Wealth Mindset?

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