Friday, October 21, 2016

Financial Freedom Friday's - Relationships & Resources

Listening to a sermon by TD Jakes earlier this week that came right on time for me.  Jakes was speaking about the necessity of RELATIONSHIPS when it comes to achieving PROFITABLE SUCCESS.  He spoke on how too many try to go at things alone, putting themselves in a silo and have difficulty achieving success and seeing a true profit in their business.

I'm sure you heard the saying "your network determines your net worth."  Well one day, a social media friend tweeted 


When I read that tweet, that day, my perspective changed.  In order to succeed in life we must surround ourselves with diverse people and groups.  We must step outside of our comfort zones and build relationships.  The resources we need are tied to the relationships we have.  If we don't have the proper resources we may not be fostering the proper relationships.  How do you do that? Attend networking and social events you wouldn't usually attend.  Get out and actually MEET people and foster/build genuine relationships.

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate 

Last quarter of 2016, finish strong. Get started now, keep going, 2017 is almost here, create momentum. 

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