Monday, October 17, 2016

Mindset & Motivation - Love Yours

Last night I watched 'Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel'le.  Almost every one of the main characters could be broken down and analyzed.  I like to study people and their thought processes as well as my own.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to a young Michel'le, who grew up in LA and there is violence all around her.  She's walking down the street with her grandmother and aunt and they see a woman being beaten up by what looks like her boyfriend.  Fast forward to a later scene and Michel'le is told "Never make a man want to hit you and if you do, fix it!"

Whoa...that is a lot right there.  Our mindsets, this young girls mindset was trained or told by the women closest to her if a man hits you figure out how to fix it!  Do we repeat and follow all of the advice of our parents or close family members? Of course not, however, often times for the most part we do.

So fast forward once again and Michel'le finds herself in 2 physically abusive, controlling relationships.  She made excuses for the men and even had babies with them after the abuse. This led to the abuse of prescription meds and alcohol which "numbed" her, in her effort to get clean she realized she didn't know what love is and she needed to do some soul searching for herself and her children.

Love yours....

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate 

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