Monday, October 24, 2016

Mindset & Motivation Monday's - More Going than Coming

Last night I caught up on Saturday's, Iyanla's Fix My Life episode.  The episode was about a Walmart worker of 4 children dating a drug dealer who won the lottery, $188MM.  Of course her life changed, but did it?

Her children were sent to live with their grandmother.  Something I don't necessarily understand as the woman didn't like the way her mother raised her and per Iyanla has issues surrounded her child hood, not to mention, the lottery winner didn't know her own father as he was a drug dealer, user and found himself incarcerated.  

The lottery winner focused on the lack she had growing up, her missing father and turned around and perpetuated the exact same situation in her own life as her children's father must do 7 years in prison.  MINDSET

Few individuals have financial literacy and knowledge of how to properly manage their finances.  It's been said that wealth is a MINDSET as is POOR.  This lottery winner like many others, is set to go BROKE in 5 to 8 years.  5 to 8!!!!!

On the show, I didn't hear Iyanla offer help on increasing the young woman's Wealth Mindset.  However, I did learn she was referred to a specialist in money management.  

If you have more going than coming you are headed for BROKE.  Get your mind right!

Jamesia Johnai
Personal Empowerment Advocate 

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