Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every year millions of Americans make New Years Resolutions. At the top of the list is losing weight.

More people join gyms in January than any other month. Come February, 80 percent of memberships go unused. Before you sign on the dotted line, know that you can save money and get fit at home by following the components of a healthy fitness plan: cardio, to work your heart, strength, to tone your muscles. Myatt Murphy (Cooking Light)

All you need are some free weights and about 30 to 45 minutes and you can make a difference at home!

Spend twenty minutes doing the following cardio exercises ( choose 1 or alternate) be sure to warm up a couple of minutes before and after:
  • marching in place
  • jump rope (real or imaginary)
  • jumping jacks
  • alternate knee and arm raises

Then move on to strength doing 2 to 3 reps of each (all with hand weights except push-ups):

  • Kneeling push-up
  • curl press
  • one-arm row
  • lunge
  • power plie
  • side lunge

Finally for your core/midsection:

  • bicycle
  • side plank
  • superman
  • bridge

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These are all things you can do at home and save hundreds of dollars on unused gym memberships!

Be a blessing and be blessed,

Epiphany Essentials

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