Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am reading a book by E. Lynn Harris titled Mama Dearest. If anyone has seen the movie Mommie Dearest there are some similarities however in Harris' book Ava is the birth mother of Yancey.

In my experience it is difficult for women to get along young, old, single, married etc. most women do not have a lot of true and dear female friends and we tend to break relationships with one another more so than men.

Anyway, in this book and Harris' book Any Way the Wind Blows, Ava is dead set on upstaging her daughter and ruining her career as an actress/singer. Ava raised Yancey to be a no none sense bitch doing whatever it took to get what she wanted and where she wanted in life. While Ava was pursuing her own career she left Yancey as a young child and traveled the world, married different men, etc. She lived her life as if she were not a mother and felt that Yancey had ruined her life. The sad part about it is that Ava's mother told her that little bitch will ruin your life! So, when Yancey had a daughter Ava made her give the child up telling Yancey your career will be ruined this little girl will ruin your life and Yancey obliged her mother. Yancey also ended up being more like her mother than she would be willing to admit.

While this is fiction, things like this do occur in real life. Keeping in mind no person is perfect there will never be a perfect parent either.

Do you remember as a child saying when I grow up I am not going to be like my mother/father? Have you succeeded in not being like them or are you parenting and treating your children the same way you were treated although there were some things you didn't like?
Just some food for thought. Even if the situation is not as extreme as Yancey and Ava!

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