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As I am going through the process of purchasing a home for my son and I, the thought came across my mind, what do I need a man for? If I am buying property, working, taking care of myself and son, managing my finances and bills, what do I need a man for?

I need a man because the way that I am currently living is not Yahweh’s design for my life. I am all for the progressive woman as I am educated, I work, I take care of myself 99.9% of the time I rarely need anyone for anything. However, again that is not Yahweh’s design.

Yahweh created us after he placed everything in the world that we needed and that includes man. Woman was created because it is not right for man to be alone, to be a helpmate for the man. Yes we have other purposes however; we have to go back to the original reason that we were created. However somewhere down the line we were removed from our created purpose. To a large extent I blame modern Western culture, which I touched on a bit in my blog from Friday.

I blame modern Western culture, as it in many ways teaches a woman to go out become educated, get a career, then think about a man and starting a family. Western culture has many women thinking that if they make more than the man, they (woman) run the household. Western culture just simply has some women thinking they are not going to submit to or obey any man although that is what the Good Book says.

When anything is used outside of its original purpose that takes away from the creation itself. The family is the cornerstone of society; it is the cornerstone of our faith. Yahweh instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Let’s be clear I am prochoice and an advocate for birth control. Nevertheless, the way Yahweh designed is for the home to look like this:


Unmarried women should be under the protection of their father until they are married. Simply put women should be under the protection of a man who is under the protection of Yahweh. If there father happens to pass away then an uncle, grandfather and so on should fill in the gap and protect that woman. Yes, I 100% believe this is what Yahweh’s intent was for women. I believe in the nuclear family although I am a single mother, I believe in what the nuclear family represents and how it is vital for the building of Yahweh’s kingdom.

However again, somewhere in Western culture and in the move for women’s rights I think things got a little too far out of hand. Do I necessarily believe everyone’s goal in life should be to get married and have children, no? I do however recognize that more women are having babies than women that get married and there is a problem there.

A male mentioned how the welfare system has created a cushion for women to be able to have babies out of wedlock and depend on the system and not need a man in the home to help them because the government is providing for them. I had never thought about that but his point makes a lot of sense. I think of women with 4 or 5 children, not all are on welfare or receiving public assistance, but for those that are, they are living off a system and often times the man they are laying up with at the moment is living off of the system too.

I have heard men speak of loving to date women on Section 8 with food stamps because as a man they don’t have to do anything for the woman except maybe get their hair and nails done and buy them some shoes.

So when we look at the current state of the African American community, all of these things play a factor but I think one of the biggest issues is women feeling like they don’t need a man either because their father was not in the home or simply because they are a new age progressive independent woman. There are benefits and drawbacks to being an independent woman and its ok to be independent but it is important to remember that we need interdependency between a man and a woman for the sake of the family, our community, and the Kingdom of Yahweh.

Truth is there are a lot of men that feel like they don’t need a woman. Especially when you have new age women that don’t cook, clean, can’t sew a button or a hem, barely want to wash a dish, or do anything domestic because they don’t know how or don’t want to.

So this blog on not needing a man was simply sparked by a thought that entered my mind this morning and is in no way an all-encompassing synopsis of what is wrong with the African American community but as I said Friday, we have lost our culture and we need to find it.

I would love to hear your thoughts?

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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