Friday, June 22, 2012


If you're like us, you see it all around you, Green is Universal.  What does it mean to go Green?

It means you are taking time to care about the planet you live in and you want to conserve as much energy and resources as possible while reducing your carbon footprint. 

If you are already doing all, some, or most of those things great.  If not there is a way to Go Green, make money and save money, at the same damn time (in the words of 2 Chainz).  Sign up for 100% renewable energy and refer other customers.  Yes, you are paid for customer referalls.  When is the last time you referred a paying customer anywhere and received a cut and saved money?

Your earning potential is unlimited you can refer as many customers as you want.  Yes your customers actually save money.  One satisfied customer is not only saving on his electric bill but he received a check from his electricy provider.  Yes, a check!

So visit today and learn how you can earn, save, Go Green, and help other Go Green with 100% renewable energy.  Your great great grandkids will thank you later.

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