Monday, June 25, 2012


Since invading our TV screens on October 14, 2007 with their hit reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

the Kardashians have been causing quite a stir.  They are loved as well as hated by many.  It is more interesting to learn why they are hated than why people love them so much.

Recently Oprah Winfrey interviewed the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan to find out what it is about them that has so many people talking.  I read that Oprah had never seen the show before deciding to interview the family but took a crash course and watch all the episodes prior to interviewing.

I never understand how people hate others especially those they don't know.  Of course they are on the airwaves for an hour once a week a few months out of the year and forever in the tabloids/magazines but that doesn't mean we know them.  That reminds me of Twitter.  People feel just because they follow you and read your tweets they know about your life.  Um...sorry...but NO!

I remember being in the office and people saying that the Kardashian family is only famous for the infamous sex tape of Kim Kardashian and Ray J. 

Amazingly, if those people are right this sex tape pushed the Kardashians into the public eye and has created a multi-million dollar empire.  Ironically what said sex tape did for Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family, the same can't be said for Ray J.

Now in all honesty Ray J was already famous, I remember him from the a sitcom with Sinbad in 1993 and his sister Brandy was a popular R&B singer and actor in the 90's nevertheless, the sex tape has done nothing for Ray J's career like it is said to have done for Kim K and the rest of the Kardashian family.

In the interview with Oprah I liked Khloe's statement "I never thought of being famous, I wanted to be successful."  Loosely quoted of course but this came up as her and Oprah spoke of all the famous people they grew up around and with.  Fame never crossed Khloe's mind but success did.  Kourtney let us know that she is still dealing with the fame of it all and doesn't really like it.  Completely understandable.

As a rational thinking being I ponder ok Ray J and Kim created a sex tape in 2003.  There mother began shopping a reality TV show for her family after seeing the Osbournes air in 2002.  Nevertheless the mother told Kim, create a sex tape and in a few years I am going to shop a reality TV show of our family then we are going to release the sex tape and that will help our show become a reality.  As a woman and a mother that sounds oh so very ridiculous.  Nevertheless the public likes to believe what they want with little to no facts.  Oh you don't like this or that person for this or that reason, neither do I! Sounds kind of ridiculous but hey.

Now as Kris Jenner stated to Oprah, after seeing the Osbourne reality show she thought to herself, her family could do the same thing.  Why not, 2 famous fathers and 6 beautiful children the camera would love them.  When I think of Kris Jenner, one word comes to mind when I think of her, HUSTLER.  Hustler in a good sense all good business people have a hustle mentality.  Kris is doing what it takes to keep wealth in riches in her family and creating a legacy for generations to come.  They are living the American dream. 

The truth of the matter Bruce Jenner, Olympic gold medalist, formerly on Wheaties boxes was/is famous before the reality show.  The late Robert Kardashian Sr. became a known figure when he defended his good friend OJ Simpson in a public murder trial.  This alone for me solidifies the Kardashian's as a famous well known family.  They grew up in an influential neighborhood in LA around famous and influential people.  What does that mean?  They had connections and access to people.  In life its not about what you know, its about who you know and who you get to know that will help you be successful.  Networking is what its called.

For those hating the family, I see it as misplaced anger.  Don't be mad because this family under the guise of momager Kris Jenner is using their celebrity and connections to their benefit.  Instead of sitting around hating the family spend time working on making your own dreams come true. 

We as people spend too much time worrying about stars that are living their dreams and multi-millionaires than living our own dreams.

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