Friday, June 22, 2012


Just 2 years ago LeBron James made a controversial announcement.  He was taking his talents to South Beach.  Teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, his goal, their goal, a NBA Championship. 

Many fans and NBA lovers were upset.  How could LeBron leave Cleveland?  Why not stay and make it happen in Cleveland?  The biggest problem I saw, Cleveland wasn't creating the team around LeBron to lead them to a Championship.  Many hail Kobe as one of the greatest, how ever, Kobe was drafted to the Lakers the same year Shaq was traded.  Kobe now one of the greatest players with 5 NBA Championship became an all star while on a team with all stars.  The talent was there.

I think about the 6 time Champion, Michael Jordan, he had the talents of Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman and others to support his talents that lead to Championships.  So why the hate and disdain for the "3 Kings" and how they went about creating a "super team".  D. Wade got his first ring in 2006 after being in the league for 3 years. I remember one thing from my high schools mission statement, 'find a way or make one.'

LeBron had a goal in life and he did what it took to accomplish his goal.  Let's celebrate him for that!  He didn't break any laws or physically harm anyone so why so much scrunity?  Truthfully most people jumped on the scrunity bandwagon because of what they heard the media and other people saying. 

Unfortunately few people have minds of their own and their conversation is filled with things heard by the masses.  Think for yourself, if it were you in LeBron's shoes what would you have done?  Stayed with Cleveland despite it all? Sacrificed for Cleveland?  A team that when it was ready would have traded LeBron at will with no qualms?  LeBron's loyalty ultimately is to himself and his family.  If he is happy that is all that matters right? 

That is after all how you live your life, to make yourself happy and achieve your own goals?  What makes him any different?

Congratulations to the Miami Heat the 2012 NBA World Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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