Thursday, June 21, 2012


Double Standard!

There have been mixed feelings on the news that Halle Berry has been ordered to pay $20,000/month in child support. The first thing someone said was why does she have to pay and they have joint custody? Well if Aubrey is unable to give little Nahla the same lifestyle and comforts she is used to in Halle's home, Halle has to pay.

Now if the roles were reversed would there be so many women asking why? There was even a post on Twitter questioning why Halle has to pay $20,000 and Chris Bosh is only paying $2,600. Let me be the first to say the child support system isn't “fair”. Different judges, different states, heck even the same state lead to different rulings.   It is what it is.

There is no sure fire way to avoid child support short of having children in wed lock and never divorcing. Child support is an ugly subject that causes many tempers to flare and ugly battles to ensue. 50 cent was paying $50,000 willing on his own to his sons mother and she took him to court for more money. The end result the judge ordered 50 to pay $6,000/month. I call that justice.

So with all of this women's liberation, women wanting to be equal to men that also applies to divorce settlements and child support orders right? That is what women want to be completely equal to men....

I am sure Halle Berry isn't the first woman ordered to pay child support.

If we are passionate about something we have to be fair despite race, religion, creed, or sex. That's only right, right? No double standards!

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