Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know that there are keys and tools to becoming successful. I also understand that successful people associate with and learn from other successful people. So I asked a good friend for a book that I was interested in reading. While he didn't have the particular book I wanted he sent me a list of books to choose from that were comparable. I chose to read How to Think Like A Millionaire.

When I requested the book I had no preconceived notions nor did I believe that when I finished reading the book that I would be a millionaire. Wow, was I wrong this book is short to the point and power packed with information. A lot of the things I knew already the problem was I knew them but was not putting them into practice.

I will not go into the details of the book, you will have to read it for yourself but there was a passage that stuck out to me and want to expand upon.

"Poverty seems to be a tradition in far too many families, an inherited trait like the color of one's hair or eyes, passed down from generation to generation. Its often more difficult for people whose families have always been poor to imagine that one day they can become rich. The image we get of ourselves and of life in general is often tinged with hopelessness and pessimism, and the role models that surround us are not always very inspiring."

Side Note: Some of the most successful people grew up impoverished it was out of their desperation/hopelessness that they became passionate about something and with a strong determination pursued their dreams!!!!!!

"The role models that surround us are not always very inspiring." Our parents can be our first deterrents to becoming successful adults! The book touches upon this as well. This makes me think of the movie Precious...there is a scene where Precious' mother tells her to stop dreaming and that she will be in the welfare line. Imagine a child full of dreams and hope for the future and the person who is supposed to be their biggest cheerleader, greatest inspiration tells them that they will amount to nothing! That has a profound impact on their psyche and will be with the child for years and years to come. To all the parents that are reading this be mindful of what you say to your child. Everyday you should be encouraging them with words. Even when they make mistakes or do something wrong. There is a loving way to correct them without destroying their confidence and their self image in the process.

Glory be to God that things can turn around. The change comes with a change of mindset and belief system in oneself and in God.

So, No what your parents did to you when you are a child is not an excuse for the state you are in right now because as an adult you have the right and the responsibility to change for the better. To learn from the past and to create a greater future.

Believe it or not everything starts in the mind. Your thoughts, beliefs, and speech have shaped the life that you live today. If you want to change your life, change your thoughts! The Good Book says it as well, as a man thinketh so is He!

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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