Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Confessions of a Recovering Shopaholic!

Recovery is a process LOL! I must admit that I have 2 vices, shopping and eating. I love them both equally and they are essential to my survival. I’m just going to keep it real here, but seriously, I do enjoy both a lot.

As you already know I am a proponent of budgets, however, there are times, few and far between that I throw caution to the wind say screw my budget and indulge myself. And, as much as I believe in budgets, saving and being wise, I also believe that life is to be lived and without fun and enjoyment what is the purpose. There is no purpose in hoarding all of your cash and living a miserable life. Just as there is no purpose having too much fun and blowing all your money either, life is all about balance. Find a healthy balance for every aspect of your life without guilt or regrets. The most important thing is to know your limitations and respect your weaknesses.

I admit my weakness is a mean pair of boots, hot sandal, and form fitting dresses (if there is an event I always feel like I need something new, I’m working on it)!!!!!!!

A few months ago, I received a Victoria’s Secret catalog and they had some booties that I was absolutely in love with. Now the first thing I do when I see something I like, I rarely buy it immediately, I sleep on it. If I am still thinking about the item the next week, I figure I really want it and I buy it. So the booties that I was in lust with were priced $129 in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. I went to buy the shoes but they didn’t have my size. So being the resourceful person that I am, I googled the brand and found the same booties in my size on for $114. $15 savings but spending the $114 on the shoes I decided not right now. This year I was still thinking about those booties more so because there is a party coming up. I googled the brand again and found the booties I wanted at for $39.99 flat, no tax, no shipping and thanks to I purchased the shoes and saved money for my sons college fund!

Proceeds of my sale going to a college fund for my son isn’t a green light to shop because I could have very well saved the $39.99 for him! At the same time in my mind I saved $90 on a pair of booties that I really wanted. In essence, it is like the sales trap. When things are on sale we figure we should buy them automatically without a second thought. That’s a dangerous thought process as I know many people with homes full of items that were “on sale” that they have absolutely no use for. So if that is you be careful and change a.s.a.p.! For me the price was right and I had been sitting on the purchase for 2 months or more so it was a no brainer.

This is one of the reasons that I am a recovering shopaholic. I purchase things that are cute and hang them in my closet; I look up its 6 months later I haven’t worn them. That is absolutely not good and I’m making no excuse for it. I can say if someone calls me about a vacation or something I have clothes ready to pack up and go though.

My weakness, the emails that I get about a sale or a must-have item; my remedy I usually read my emails on the train which means I can’t see the pictures. If shopping is not in my budget or doesn’t align with my goals at the time, I delete the email off my phone and my inbox. That is a problem solved for me. As I think about it, I don’t need another item of clothing or shoes; I just want and like to buy something new for the new season.

I could very well be content with what I have and save more but let’s be real, I like to look good. I do wear items though that I have had for years and years as if they are brand new with no hesitation.

So, my weakness is shopping, your weakness maybe Starbucks or coffee in general, cigarettes (hard habit to break I know, well not personally), lottery tickets (the allure of winning), dining out, movies, etc. Whatever your weakness is, recognize it and figure out ways to overcome it!

My way of overcoming is the DELTE button :-).

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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