Monday, January 23, 2012

Preserve your Joy!

Preserve your Joy!

“This joy I have the world didn’t give it to me and the world can’t take it away!” Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Happiness is an intrinsic trait, it comes from within and the thing is you should already have it. Whether you have all that you want or not, you should have internal happiness as well as joy.

So at all cost, Preserve your Joy!

You woke up late this morning, Preserve your Joy!

You were cut off in traffic, Preserve your Joy!

The restaurant messed up your order, Preserve your Joy!

Your child(ren) are acting out, Preserve your Joy!

You don’t like your current job, Preserve your Joy!

Your bank account is negative, Preserve your Joy!

You encountered a disgruntled customer service rep, Preserve your Joy!

At all costs, Preserve your Joy! No matter what it is you're facing, your attitude and your response is everything and as stated in a previous blog, you have the power to choose. You always have a choice. We are all human and things will upset us and bother us. I like the way Pastor Joel says after 15 minutes let it go. There is no reason to ruin the rest of your day or whatever it is you are doing over one instance.

I remember in college, me and my friends were headed to a party. We went to enter into the gate and it wasn’t working, in the process of backing up, I rubbed my lovely car on one of those big orange poles and created an ugly dent. I examined the damage, we proceeded to go get whatever we were getting and went to the party. My friends were shocked at my reaction. My thought process, the damage is done, I have insurance, I have money to fix it lets still go out and have a good time.

Now I could have gotten upset, decided to stay at home and ruin everyone’s evening. Had I did that, my car would still be damaged, so what would have been the point? Life goes on, things happen.

A friend of mine met a gentleman that was up in age and looked good. My friend asked him what his secret was. The older man’s response “don’t sweat the small stuff.” My friend asked what is the small stuff? The man replied, ‘EVERYTHING!!!!!’ Preserve your Joy!

How do you preserve your joy? By choosing not to let ANY external factors determine your internal mood. That’s it; it’s that simple, you choose. The thing is you are walking around angry at someone, ageing yourself, creating stress, and they are none the wiser and could probably care less. Preserve your Joy! At all cost.

Be blessed and be a blessing,
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