Friday, April 3, 2015


"The main cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy or the government or the rich."  Robert Kiyosaki

A good friend of mine posted the above quote as a FaceBook status earlier this week. Someone posted that Robert Kiyosaki sounded like a damn fool.  Someone else commented that poverty is created and controlled. No I don't agree with calling anyone a fool.  However, I do see some validity in the statement that poverty is created and controlled. The one who called him a fool chalked poverty up to capitalism.  Using capitalism I can understand the fact that there must be rich and poor in a capitalist society.


Does that mean the one in poverty must be you or I? Must we feel damned to poverty if we aren't born with a silver spoon in our mouths? Do you tell your children 'this is what it is and this is how it will always be'?  Or do you encourage them to learn wealth mindset and wealth principles to transcend their current economic status.  Do you encourage them by being an example?

If one amasses wealth or millions and loses it, there is a great chance they will be able to obtain wealth again faster than someone who's never had it.  

Conversely, if someone inherited millions and simply blew the money the chances of them duplicating and becoming a millionaire again are slim to none. 

So, what is the difference? Mindset, education, and knowledge! What, it can't be that simple you say.  Well here's an example.

We encourage everyone reading this to go and research lottery winners and determine how many go from rags to riches and back to rags.  What causes them to lose their money.  I mean after all isn't that a poor man's dream? All a poor man needs is to hit it big in the lottery and his life will change as he knows it or will it?

Applied knowledge in any area is power.  Scared money ain't never made no money!

There are 273 days left in this year, make them count!!!!!!

You may have experienced disappointment, lack, set backs, loss etc. Nevertheless, you are still here, life goes on, and you must Take Charge, OWN your Life, and be in CONTROL.

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by J. Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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