Thursday, April 23, 2015

Talk Topic Thursdays - Kylie vs. Blac Chyna

While I don't followeither of the ladies on social media.  I do follow The Shade Room on Instagram and the other day they posted about Blac Chyna allegedly sending subliminal messages to Kylie Jenner.  Kylie is 17 and Blac Chyna is over the age of 21.

For those who don't know these ladies here it goes.  Blac Chyna was dating the rapper Tyga and has a child by him.  Blac Chyna and Tyga while dating spent time hanging out with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  Kylie Jenner is Kim's youngest sibling.  When word came out that Tyga 25 was dating Kylie 17, the Internet went into an uproar.

Then the proverbial shade between Kylie and Chyna began.  Not sure who started or why it even started however, as a woman, speaking on Chyna why even give energy to Kylie at all?  When you know who you are and are comfortable with your position why engage in such activities or even pay attention to the "other woman"?

In no way saying Chyna is right or wrong.  I'm not even sure of her back story to call her a woman scorned.  I have been in relationships that ended abruptly and wasn't ready to let go per se so its understood that (wo)men do strange things when they feel slighted.

More back story.  Kylie Jenner has taken recent selfies and it appears she has gotten collagen injections in her lips.  Chyna went to IG with 

There have been other things however we won't go into all of that.  This blog is about empowerment and more.  So what's the point in all of this.

Why does it seem that women take their issues out with each other?
Why don't women come together and place their anger/issues toward the man where it belongs?
Is it possible for women to come together, work together, and simply coexist even if they disagree with one another?
We're not looking for a kumbaya everyone gets along type world.  This simply saddens us that Chyna as beautiful as she is, is wasting her time and energy on Kylie to begin with.  If Chyna and Tyga are done for now, let him live and be happy.  

Your thoughts?

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by J. Hawk
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