Monday, March 9, 2015


The other day on FaceBook we posed a question out of curiosity.  Who Are You?  Here is the exact post "Responses Needed. If asked "Who Are You?" How would you answer that question? Who are you?"
Below are the responses of individuals.  While FB is public I kept their identities private:

  • "I AM that I AM a Noble, Clairvoyant, Inspiration of Power for others to Fuel their Desires and turn Wishes into Wisdom, and Dreams into Imagination. I also AM a Father, Dad, Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend & Business Associate

  • Johnai Hawk Interesting few have answered, its Friday though...maybe people haven't seen the message or don't care to respond. I truly am interested in this question/answer. Going to incorporate into a program I already have.
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  • Shan Shimmy Most do not know how to answer. Other than their Gov't Name. I have tested this Question upon many people. When u keep repeating the same Question over and over ...Sooner or later like Alice they get Frustrated, Angry, and Stomp their Feet.

  • Jennifer Morrison an educated mother of one on my journey of life, love and happine
  • "I'm everything and anything I choose to be...Sounds corny but that's the way I feel..."
    "A great person :) "

  • Shan Shimmy's comment was right on point.  Most people do not know how to answer the question.  I would love for my readers to comment, feel free for it to be anynomously and answer this question, Who Are You?  He also provided this video....

There are 298 days left in this year, make them count!!!!!!

You may have experienced disappointment, lack, set backs, loss etc. Nevertheless, you are still here, life goes on, and you must Take Charge, OWN your Life, and be in CONTROL. ~ 

by J. Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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