Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Last week we posted on our FaceBook page something yet again and decided to bring it to our blog!

"I see people posting about getting colds/flu and going to the "drug" store to get over the counter meds. RAISE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by eating the right foods that increase your systems ability. STOP TAKING OVER THE COUNTER MEDS. Why? because they don't help boost your immune system, they mask the ailment and don't cure nothing!!!!!!
I wash my hair in the winter time and go right outside. I take showers every morning before work and leave out within an hour of showering. I don't wear a hat unless it matches my outfit, most days I won't wear a full winter coat etc. No cold/flu for the past 2 years, I've been around sick men/women/children even laid up under my guy while he was sick. He said "you can but you're going to get sick." No I'm not my immune system is pretty tough as I DON't take medication I let my body do its thing when I would get "sick" and I regularly partake of immune boosting foods. Winter does not automatically mean cold/flu season! IJS"

What if I told you there is no such thing as cold and flu season?  What if I told you, you nor your children have to get "sick" with the cold, flu or anything of that nature?  What if I told you it doesn't matter if you wear a hat, gloves,scarf, thick coat and tons of layers, none of that will protect you from the cold/flu?

The cold and flu are viruses.  You catch a cold or flu by being exposed to the virus, the virus enters your immune system and then your immune system goes to work to fight off this intruder in your body.  However few people let their immune systems work for them.  

Most people at the first sign of a cough, runny nose or cold, run to the nearest pharmacy section of a store and stock up on prescription drugs to help ward off the impending doom of the headache, runny nose, congestion, cough etc.

Why run to the pharmacy store and buy drugs? That does not help your immune system do what it was intended to do, take care of you and rid the body of foreign invaders or toxins.

My cousin has a grandchild, her first grand daughter.  She became sick with a cold.  A woman my cousin knows told her, DO NOT give that baby medicine, get some oranges, squeeze the juice and give her fresh OJ! I was so overjoyed to hear that as I am anti-medicine in the biggest way.  Whenever my son would feel ill I would squeeze a fresh lemon into some water and tell him to drink it.  There are not any artificial Vitamin C tablets, vitamins or cough/fever/flu medicine in my home.

Well I take that back, yes there is.  Right now there is cinnamon, ginger, lemons, bananas, clementines, kiwi, avocado, grapes, and garlic in my home just to name a few things.  We like to regularly feed on natures medicine and spend time in the sun.

Our point, there are foods that help BOOST your immune system.  If one were to partake in those foods regularly and stop taking cough/cold medicine that DOESN'T cure ANYTHING.  One will begin to see the positive effects of this preventive treatment as they are no longer victim to "cold and flu" season.

Stay tuned for our immune system boost posts throughout the day today!

There are 296 days left in this year, make them count!!!!!!

You may have experienced disappointment, lack, set backs, loss etc. Nevertheless, you are still here, life goes on, and you must Take Charge, OWN your Life, and be in CONTROL. ~ 

by J. Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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