Monday, March 9, 2015


I purposely didn't answer the question in the thread for this very reason.  If I were asked, who are you? I wouldn't give my name as that its not who I am, that is what my parents named me and that is the name most called that I answer to.

Who Am I?

I AM a child of the Most High, I AM one with my source/creator/universe, I AM Goddess, Earth, Mother, Wisdom, Life Bringer.  I AM Queen/Royalty.  I AM Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance....I AM Peace, Loving, and Kindness. I AM a Wife, Leader, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Cousin, Friend, Business Partner.  I AM one with the Great I AM, I AM one with Nature, I AM one with the Infinite.

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So again, we ask you, Who Are You? Knowledge of Self is the key to living a life of purpose.

Any ladies, looking to discover who they are and unpack some unwanted baggage that are in the chicagoland area, join us in March for our Emerge Conference.  Details can be found on our home page here or wesbite

There are 298 days left in this year, make them count!!!!!!

You may have experienced disappointment, lack, set backs, loss etc. Nevertheless, you are still here, life goes on, and you must Take Charge, OWN your Life, and be in CONTROL. ~ 

by J. Hawk
Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Vitality to ALL!

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