Monday, March 15, 2010


I watched Joel Osteen this Sunday and he was speaking of how we are fully equipped to reach OUR dreams. Joel compared us to cars, when God created you he started with the basics and added in all the extras/options to create YOU the fully equipped deluxe model. Now some people are bentleys, others are mercedes benzes, others are toyota camry's, while some maybe honda accord. Nevertheless perform at your full potential and be the best you that you can be. It is easier being you than it is pretending to be someone else or trying to be someone else.

You have probably heard this said before yet I shall repeat, when God created you, he broke the mold. So you are the right height, you have the right hair color, eye color, build, voice, hands etc. to fulfill your God-tential!

He reflected on people saying oh if I could sing/dance like him or her, if I was able to play the piano or some other instrument than all in my life would be fine, I would be great. No, the fact is you are great just where you are with what you have you just need to believe and do all that you can!

We must do all that we can and what we cannot do then God will step in and do the rest. We need to stretch our faith in order to see the wonders of God. If we stay within our comfort zone and don't push ourselves to the limit we are limiting ourselves.

In John 11:39 Jesus instructed them to roll aways the stone where Lazarus was..... "Take away the stone," he said. "But, Lord," said Martha, the sister of the dead man, "by this time there is a bad odor, for he has been there four days."

1st they had to do their part they had to roll away the stone. When Jesus instructed them to do so they begin to protest but he is already dead it has already been four days there is a bad odor. Nothing, NOTHING is impossible for God.

It is time for you to take away the stone, to let go and let God. It is time to stop protesting and fighting God and surrender to His Will and His Way. Don't try to figure out the how, why just be obedient and let Him do what He does best be a miracle worker, a healer, a redeemer, way maker, provider, shelter, protector, your peace, love and joy!!!!!!!!!


  • Be the best you, you can be
  • When God created you he broke the mold ( you were fearfully and wonderfully made)
  • take away the stone ( get out of your own way!!!!!)

Be a blessing and be blessed,

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