Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Unmet Expectations

Ok ladies and gentleman this is something I am going to attempt to do every week from now on. We are going to post a topic regarding relationships. The 1st topic to kick this off is Unmet Expectations.

“A woman on twitter tweeted that they are tired of the opposite sex not meeting their expectations. A man responded back to her that we choose the wrong men.”

My first question is, is it possible that a woman’s expectations are too high? That just made me think about someone whom called into Power 1390 and they were talking about relationships. I can’t remember if it was a male or female but their comment went like this ‘if a woman expects a man to have a 6 figure income, good credit, home, established etc. a man/that man has that same expectation for the woman.’

I think a lot of women have expectations for men that they cannot meet themselves. Meaning there are a lot of women who think they are women and think they know what it takes to be a woman yet they aren’t it!

There is a saying that you attract what you give off/what you are. While many of us are out here perpetrating and pretending to be something we aren’t, our spirits never lie. The aura around us never lies and it attracts to us just what we are. Of course this won’t be all men that try to date us or vice versa but if you are continuing to date the same kind of guy it may be time to take a hard look in the mirror.

Ok back to these expectations. What is it that the woman expects from the man? What does she have to offer the man? What is it that you expect from a man? What do you have to offer him?

It is easy for us to look outside of ourselves and blame the man for not meeting our expectations it is difficult for us to look inside ourselves and examine even our motives for dating.

Your thoughts??????? High Expectations, Wrong Choices, both or a little of this and that?

Be a blessing and be blessed,

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  1. No I don;t think women expectations of men are too high but I do think we should make our expectation specific and realistic.

  2. Thank you for your comment and I can completely agree with that. I also feel we should make our expectations known early on in the relationship!