Tuesday, March 23, 2010


On Sunday I watched the forum headed by Tavis Smiley, WE COUNT! THE AMERICA AGENDA IS THE BLACK AGENDA.

The forum was focused on President Obama and his handling thus far of African American issues here in America. They also touched on the fact that President Obama seems to be ignoring bringing up the topic or addressing black issues directly. The forum included Professor Cornell West, Tom Burrell, Dorothy Tillman, Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Jesse Jackson and more....it was held on Friday at Chicago State University and aired on Sunday.

If you missed it I advise you see it for yourself. As this morning Pastor Hannah on 1390 was speaking of how he had to turn his TV off he couldn't finish watching it and listeners called in saying how horrific it was. Understandably that is their own opinion and they are entitled to it. My opinion is different. I believe it was great, it needed to be done, and it convicted me.

There were many things said that stood out to me and if I went into them all it would be a book so I will highlight 1 thing that stood out to me. I will say that everything said was said in love and President Obama was not the sole focus the state of black America was the focus.

Minister Louis Farrakhan stated "President Obama was selected before he was elected." He went on to say that there must have been a behind the scenes entity that gave President Obama the notion that while at the time of being a junior senator with little to no experience that he could be the 1st African American President of the United States. Farrakhan was speaking literally that some people took President Obama under their wings and groomed him and knew that he'd already won the election before he even entered the race. Reading between the lines of that it could be interpreted that President Obama is being used as a front to push an agenda that in the end will not benefit Black America. Nevertheless since he is the 1st AA President, the majority of AA are so enchanted by that fact that they are not paying attention to the issues and what is truly going on right now.

I can completely believe that. Living in America and just living life we should all know that there are few things that can be taken at face value. We should also know that the President doesn't truly run the country that his power is limited. Nevertheless I immediately took it to the spiritual level. Regardless of how it happened the Master was behind the scenes all the time so yes God selected President Obama before he was elected for this time, this moment, to make change! It is my belief that true change in America will occur when minorities and poor are treated equally with Whites and the Elite. When there are not discrepancies in quality of education, health care, child care etc.

In my opinion yes I believe that President Obama should focus on African American issues more. I believe that by him being the 1st African American President yes blacks should receive some undivided special attention. Why shouldn't we? White America has had 40+ Presidents that solely focused on them and their special interests and made them richer. Why can't this be a time of come-up for black people?

I support President Obama 100% and respect him and have made a vow to pray for him more as he faces things that we will never understand. I also feel that Tavis Smiley and other influential people in the AA community, all in the AA community have a right to voice their concerns about his Presidency as they do with any other President. I believe that everything said was said out of respect and love.

Again don't just take my opinion and please don't google and read articles about it. Find out how you can get a copy of the tape, see it for yourself and make your own decision about what the panel did.

Oh yeah, there was something else that Farrakhan said that moved me. Stop begging white people to give us what we can get for ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking to them when we need to be getting together and helping ourselves/ our people.

Also Tom Burrell has written a book, Brainwashed....you may want to check it out.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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