Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yesterday, the Illinois House approved to allow local school boards to set four-day weeks for students in an effort to help strapped school districts save money.

Mayor Daley reacted saying that this is not the answer saying it is a step in the wrong direction as the city tries to find new organized activities for kids to keep them off the street! (From the RedEye)

I couldn't agree with him more. Children 12 and under can go to a child care facility that 1 day a week if there parents can afford it.

But what about children 12 and older whose parents work? What will they do with that 1 day off a week?

All I can say is I strongly disagree with it, America is already behind some Asian companies academically and this is just another step backward for our children. Not too long ago there was talk of going to year round school for all students and now this.

I say cut some of that fat first, the perks for higher ups in the school system before cutting school weeks. I cannot wait to see which school districts decided to enact this.

What are your thoughts?

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