Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterdays blog introduced you briefly to Laveda Jones the founder/creator of Praying Single Mothers.

Saturday, March 6th was the 1st Annual Conference for Praying Single Mothers: Restore Me. Pastors from across the US came to the event to pour into the lives of single mothers using the Word of God. It was a blessed, spirit filled occasion and I cannot wait to go to more events that Praying Single Mothers has throughout the year.

Everyone was welcoming and inviting. Laveda made sure she met every woman in the room whom she did not know already. She also made sure that us newcomers participated in some way in the event.

The conference included speakers, a fashion show, free and paid raffles, as well as free gifts just for participating. It was all about fellow shipping. Breakfast and lunch were also served. The conference was well planned and executed in decency and in order.

The speaker who stood out the most for me was Carla Walker, Florida. She preached out of Acts and referenced when Dorcas died and how the women of the church washed her up and laid her in the upper room because she was dead. They cried and moaned and weeped over her death. Then Peter came, when Peter arrived they showed him all of Dorcas things that she'd made or worn and they were still mourning over her death. Peter went into the upper room where Dorcas laid and he put everyone out of the room. He then spoke to Dorcas and said Dorcas get up! She opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she got up.....

Carla went on to say that there are things in your life that you have considered to be dead ( a business, invention, idea, plan, etc.) go and resurrect it and bring it back alive as you have the Power!

She also told us to get weeping women/people out of our lives. Those people who continue to bring up things that you have long forgotten about or gotten over that you sometimes relive because they have brought it up. She also mentioned how the women of the church instead of weeping could have did the same thing Peter had done and done it days earlier. They could have been praying/confessing/speaking over Dorcas and told her to rise but they simply declared her dead and prepared her for her homecoming.

Single Mother's don't give up on your dreams and don't give up on your kids. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Please visit www.psmothers.ning.com and become a member of the group there are also pictures and information from the conference as well.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
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  1. I just realized that this article was posted. Thank you for visting Praying Single Mothers (PSM). We are now bigger and stronger than before in Jesus Christ. Check us out at www.prayingsinglemothers.org

    Empowering Single Mothers,
    LaVeda Jones, Founder