Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's What's Happening This Year:

  • Set up a high-risk health insurance pool to provide coverage for uninsured people with medical problems
  • Starting six months after enactment, requires all health insurance plans to maintain dependent coverage for children until they turn 26; prohibits insurers from denying coverage to children because of pre-existing health problems.
  • Bars insurance companies from putting lifetime dollar limits on coverage, and canceling policies except for fraud
  • Provides tax credits to help small businesses with up to 25 employees get and keep coverage for their employees
  • Begins narrowing the Medicare prescription coverage gap by providing a $250 rebate to seniors in the gap, which starts this year once they have spent $2,830.
  • Reduces projected Medicare payments to hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, hospices and other providers
  • Imposes 10% sales tax on indoor tanning

Taken from yesterday's RedEye

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