Friday, January 10, 2014


Everyone has the ability to SAVE, yes you can SAVE.  Don't sit there and think to yourself I can barely make ends meet, I don't have enough money to save anything, I am broke, I am poor.  If you are saying or thinking any of those things we encourage you to read or re-read Monday's Motivation post the I AM Factor.

Below are 2 different savings plans for this year that you can do, choose one and stick to it.  That isn't a request it is definitely a demand.  Yes, we know it is already the 2nd week of the New Year, however, start now where you are with what you have.

Penny Savings ~ 52 Week Savings Challenge
365 day save money challenge 

Dollar Savings ~ 52 week savings challenge (You save $1 for each week of the year, so on week 12 you save $12, on week 30 you save $30.  Multiply $1 by the week it is in the year and that is how much you should save.)


What do these savings challenges teach?  Consistent savings over time no matter how big or small add up in the end.  If you don't have a bank account to place your savings, use a jar, can, shoe box whatever you have.  Just be sure to treat this as hands off money never to be touched no matter what the circumstance until the end of the 52 weeks.


I personally took the Dollar Savings challenge in 2013 and was able to pay off one of my major credits! I started 2014 with less debt and one less bill which means I have more cash flow!

What will you do with those savings?  Meet us here next week for more tips and tools to use on the road to financial freedom.  We started with this savings challenge as we wanted to introduce it as soon as possible to those whom may not be aware of it.

Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health, Happiness, Success, and Vitality, Namaste! 

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