Monday, January 13, 2014


Thoughts are POWERFUL, whether you believe it or not your thoughts shape your life.  As a man THINKETH so is (s)he!  

If you are a positive thinker most of the time, great.  If you are a negative thinker, complainer, a whoa as me type of person, if you constantly think nothing good ever happens to you or you find your thoughts in the dumps, you NEED TO CHANGE NOW!  Yes, like NOW!  Why because your thoughts are manifesting in your life and returning to you just as they are which leads you to believe they are true, when all along you create your reality.

Alright, alright we know that is easier said than done.  We also know many people are not honest with themselves and are unaware of their negativeness.

So we ask you how do you feel the majority of the time?  If you don't feel great, amazing, awesome, happy, fulfilled, joy, and love the majority of the time chances are you are a NEGATIVE THINKER.  How do we know this?  Your feelings reflect your thoughts!

So what's the 1st step? 

Take this quiz:

We leave you with these quotes to ponder:


Next week we will go more into how thoughts become things and shape your life, for now we want you to take the quiz to determine if you are a positive or negative thinker!

Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health, Success, Happines, NAMASTE! 

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